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Construction machinery industry into the world to speed up the pace

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-11-06 Hits:

Construction machinery industry is an important component of China's equipment manufacturing industry, under the new situation sets is responsible for the development of national economy. As China's economic take-off, construction machinery industry also speed up the pace of integration into the world. To develop jaw broken machine, counterattack crusher equipment such as the famous place in Shanghai machinery factory in Shanghai, for example, in the process of research and development of jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, continuous introduction of Japan, France and other countries of advanced technology and experience, in the development and manufacture of large crusher, counterattack crusher has accumulated considerable experience, which laid a foundation for further research and development of intelligent.

Shanghai machinery factory as there are a lot of the enterprise in the field of construction machinery industry on the one hand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, increase the pace of independent research and development, on the other hand, seeking overseas development, implement the strategy of going out and expand the independent brand crusher equipment market share in Latin America, Europe, some powerful countries also set up research and development institutions, in the local implementation of the localization of international strategy, promote the development of enterprise transnational. This watch, as competition, strengthening technical innovation, market expansion, thus further promote the pace of the construction machinery industry into the world.


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