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High-speed trains to mining machinery industry hit a record high

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-09-22 Hits:


Since the 12th, the railway construction investment scale will directly pull more than 10% of the mining machinery market demand growth in China, for any enterprise, the data of the size of the market are not allow to ignore. At present, almost all engineering, mining machinery, head of the enterprise for railway construction, especially the high-speed trains were greatly concerned. Some companies want to existing products can borrow dongfeng to a higher level of the construction of the railway; Some enterprises will look on the development of new products. Crusher equipment, for example, this kind of product is affected by railways, highways, Bridges, one of the most remarkable products. Especially in railway construction, the use of pile driving product construction of the railway in the air, need a lot of application and concrete aggregate.

Mineral processing equipment mainly refers to the jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, feeder, and stone mill and other equipment. Widely used in high speed railway construction. The arrival of the peak in the face of China's high-speed railway construction, market demand is especially strong. But due to the high-speed railway construction, the requirement of sand and gravel aggregate and concrete aggregate is higher, and meet the demand in the industry have the production capacity of large enterprises in at least ten or more.

Shanghai place in Shanghai machinery factory production of mineral processing equipment jaw broken machine, PF counterattack crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher, and vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and other equipment obtained several national patents, is widely applied in all kinds of metal, non-metallic aiming at mining and building materials, transportation, urban construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, energy development, construction waste and solid waste recycling metal recycling industries. Products sold throughout the country, and exported to Europe, America, Africa and southeast Asia and other regions, well received by users.

Mining machinery in economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development occupies very important position and role in the development of mining machinery with human technology, modern science and technology progress and the overall industrial level is closely linked, particularly with the development of mechanical and mining engineering science disciplines are closely linked. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of the national independent industrial system, and measure the important symbol of a nation's industrial power, belongs to the pillar industry of national economy. So the development of the mining machinery industry to the development of the country has a great influence. Mining machinery industry should follow the pace of The Times, the rapid development, in order to better serve the country's development. In terms of current social development, the mining machinery industry should be adjusted continuously, can better development. Vigorously to the national high-speed rail projects, will bring more development opportunities for the mining machinery industry, to become a great addition to the mining machinery industry hit a new high!




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