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The influence of rising steel prices for the crusher industry

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-08-17 Hits:

At the beginning of June, with customers from the mining machinery manufacturer that crusher price rise a little. Knows that, in fact, do mine industry this year, steel prices has been at the peak of price increases. In fact, the steel price trend from last year began quietly, now, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river rare drought increasing inflationary pressures, tightening expectations do not change; News of electricity is worthy of attention, but not enough to reverse the supply and demand relations; Good profit stimulate steel mills operating at high, resources on the increasing trend is obvious. And the rise in the price of steel, is directly related to the broken equipment of high and low prices, the increase in costs will inevitably lead to the product's overall price increase. This article introduces the development of cone crusher price trend. 

And into this year, steel rising trend seems to be no stop. This for machinery manufacturing industry is a very big blow. The following information more steel prices rising momentum is so fierce. So the steel price increases of broken machinery industry influence is very bad, and it certainly casts a shadow to the broken machinery industry. 

Crusher, however, much of the rise in price is not trouble, according to authorities, the output of crusher doesn't seem to fall this year, but even the rising trend, because there, explore, only to find that the sector is adapted to the sentence; A rising tide lifts all boats. . Steel price increases, it is because of the price of mineral, and finally is rooted in some mines, or some large steel mills, steel prices seems to be the mining industry is seeing a glimmer of light, because of the economic development is a ring set of a ring, now for the industry, is a very good chance, so their spending on mining and will increase exponentially, iron ore and other hard material of choice for crushing equipment cone crusher, and their purchase price is less attention to crusher, crusher price increase is not very big, so for example hydraulic cone crusher price most have done adjust, but the range of the price is not high. 

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