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Granite crusher has become an important Stone Crushing equipment

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-08-30 Hits:

Granite crusher has become an important Stone Crushing equipment

Along with the development of our country economy by leaps and bounds, the state of infrastructure investment increasing, many cities are roads around the domestic regulation reform, especially the pavement laying around and large square road improvement project in hot, this has brought broad prospects for development of artificial sand. Rise across the sand with gravel, granite, cobble stone, basalt, limestone and so on is used for making sand. Among them because of the quality of a material is solid, beautiful color, difficult by acid and alkali or weathering erosion and is often used in building materials. 

Nowadays, along with the mining equipment and broken rock mechanical processing technology greatly expands the application fields of granite. Granite stone has become indispensable to building materials, granite in the sand in the construction industry in the future development of our country occupies very important position and role, and become the pillar industry of national economy to create benefits. 

Granite uniform structure, quality of a material is solid, color beautiful, is a high-quality building stone, and has many characteristics, such as high hardness, wear resistance. To meet the needs of construction with sand, and infrastructure demand for sand and gravel, have been at home and abroad of choice for the jaw crusher as granite crushing production line equipment, often used for primary crushing, the equipment in the granite, basalt has advantages such as the material of broken. 

Nowadays, domestic crushing processing technology of granite and granite crushing production line equipment technology already quite mature. Granite crushing production process generally can choose two stage crushing process, first choose jaw crusher, the second choice counterattack crusher, of course you can use the circle vibrating screen screening out 1 to 2, 2-4, 4 to 8 different specifications of stones, to meet the needs of the different building. 

Counterattack crusher is quite important, the choice of good performance of counterattack crusher rate is high, the production effect is good, and back plate hammer choice is the key, because counterattack broken plate hammer is the wear parts often need to change, known as crusher fast-moving consumer goods, its quality directly affect the counterattack broken later maintenance costs. 

Besides the granite crushing production, there are many such as pebble sand production line, lime stone sand production line, bluestone sand production line, sandstone rubble stone made of various materials, such as crushing production line to meet the different construction need, such as ordinary housing construction can be used is not very high hardness of limestone can meet the requirements and highways, high-speed rail construction should choose hardness larger pebbles ballast, due to the material properties, the needs of the production process, equipment configuration is different also. 

Granite crusher structure is simple, keyless connection, unique counterattack plate Hard rock breaking efficiency, the products are cube, row partical size is adjustable, simplified crushing process, save the production cost of high standards of quality of sand and gravel aggregate can be obtained at the same time, in the channel and water conservancy project of high quality advantage, has become the current highway, railway, hydropower station in the field of large buildings such as granite, limestone and other medium hardness materials essential to the broken equipment. 


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