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Crushers outlet to break through the 3 major bottlenecks

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-09-22 Hits:

Along with the continuous improvement of the economic level, the brand gradually become the standard to measure the product. For a mechanical industry, the same product quality, price, service, etc., with a well-known brand companies are the first choice for customers, the future of the charm of the brand is not to resist. Therefore, the crusher enterprise should be based on the long-term development, must be independent innovation, casting high-end brands.

Brand, is mostly a symbol of intangible assets. In daily life, we are exposed to various, omnipresent advertising, has gradually become well-known brands, these are the enterprise in order to increase the new profit space and brand promotion planning. Can be seen, more and more companies began to focus on brand building, and as a way to expand marketing strategy.

As an important supporting industry in economic development, the crusher industry will be more competitive in the fierce market competition, which will show more competition for the enterprise brand culture.

In the course of the development of an enterprise, if there is no strong support for the brand, it is difficult to break through the development bottleneck. Facing the increasingly intense market competition, the brand has become the main source of enterprise profit and survival basis, and become the source of market innovation. Crusher enterprises should pay attention to personnel training, strengthen culture construction, innovation characteristics of their own development, to build the most core competitiveness system, help the broken machine industry towards the internationalization of the brand stage.

From the current economic development trend, brand building is not easy, it takes a long process of development. In this process, the broken machine industry and other areas of strategic cooperation is also essential, effective brand entity three-dimensional propaganda, not only can let both sides to reach a win-win future, but also can make the brand of the road go farther, crushing machine enterprises can soars in the future development.

There are three major bottlenecks in the development of China's broken machine industry, if you want to go out of the country must overcome these three points:

1, China's crushing machine industry, the single small and medium enterprises, many enterprises, the competition is also increasingly incandescent. Quality is the life of the enterprise, the brand is an important added value of the enterprise. The quality of the brand jumbly unpredictable, these factors directly affect the development of crusher industry. Therefore, the only way for the development of China's industry is to improve the quality of products, casting the world brand.

2, the traditional crusher industry technology content is low, the energy consumption of dust and more, the enterprise does not pay attention to their own innovation, can not meet the needs of the market, but also can not reduce environmental pressures. During the 12th Five Year Plan, the energy saving and emission reduction targets have been important pressure in various fields. As an important support for the infrastructure construction, the crusher industry has an important role in the modernization construction. Therefore actively introduce advanced technology and talents, improve the technological content of products, independent research and development of low energy consumption, less dust, the high rate of crusher equipment become crushing machine industry breakthrough development important direction.

3, though, China is a big country of crushing machinery manufacturing, production of crushing machinery is about half of the world's total output. But all aspects are not very perfect, compared with the international advanced level, the gap, the crusher industry is big and not strong. In the face of this situation, it needs the transformation and upgrading of the crusher enterprises in China, and the combination of the strong and powerful, and the road of internationalization development.

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