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Jaw crusher is now crusher industry breakthrough

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-08-02 Hits:

Fierce competition in the society and the low market, the industrial machinery into a low stage of development, but the recovery of the economy and recovery, and the strong support of national policy, to machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has brought the spring again.

With the development of domestic economy, especially in the engineering construction, mining, steel, such as the continuous development of Yang jiye, the increasing demand for engineering machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, excavator equipment, market demand is large mechanical equipment. Of crusher equipment as a necessary equipment in mining machinery, various industries all kinds of ores in the raw material crushing operations are inseparable from the use of the crusher, and therefore more and more be taken seriously in the market.

The development of the urban infrastructure construction, the new rural construction, regional revitalization, high-speed railways, highways, urban rail transit construction, nuclear power construction, housing construction and water conservancy investment increase, such as mining machinery industry gradually increase fast, more vigorous market demand.

According to relevant data shows that our country has entered into international production, consumption and export powerhouse. But the big but not strong weak feature, will need to break the shackles, mechanical industry continuously innovation and development, in order to satisfy the demands of market expansion.

The expansion of domestic demand, expanding the international market, coupled with the development of engineering machinery manufacturing, attracted a large number of international famous engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise vision, numerous well-known engineering machinery companies in the domestic set up a branch and a new r&d center, etc. Believe that the sustainable development of Chinese economy, the development of construction machinery manufacturing industry will be better in the future.

Looking forward to the future, the economic development of China, especially the accelerating urbanization process, combined with our country industrialization to promote can speed up, so to speak, the future mining equipment will usher in a new development opportunity, this requires that the general manufacturing enterprises to continuously improve manufacturing technology, in order to research and development to create efficient intelligent mine equipment.

Mine crusher equipment has many years of development history, in mine sand is one of the earliest equipment in most industries, jaw crusher, generally divided into the compound pendulum and Jane put two kinds. Jaw crusher is to use two pieces of hubei slabs material extrusion and bending effect, crushed, or broken in various hardness material crushing machinery. The broken institution is composed of fixed jaw plate and moving jaw plate, when two hubei board near the material being broken, when two e leave less than the material of discharging mouth piece of discharge from the bottom.

Jaw crusher because of its simple structure, strong, reliable operation, easy maintenance and overhaul as well as the production and construction costs less, so know now still widely in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining machinery, electric power, transportation and other industrial department, for in 147-245 mpa compressive strength of all kinds of ores and rocks of coarse, medium and finely.

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