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How to develop successful transformation of crusher industry?

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co.,LTD.     Time:2017-06-28 Hits:

With the development of our country's economic construction in recent years, domestic all walks of life have a better development opportunity and foundation engineering construction also secured, the construction is in full swing. As the big project to show the charm of it than ever, many manufacturers in the market, stands up, caused by fierce competition environment. Faced with such fierce competition, crusher, counterattack crusher industry to ensure its own survival and development, you need to improve enterprise's competitive advantage.

Science and technology innovation is the modern people's pursuit of greatness, the innovation of science and technology represents the progress of industrialization in our country, is also associated with a time step in time we ushered in the twelfth five-year planning innovation development of the day. Our country want to reach the level of developed countries still need more efforts, after all, science and technology of China's large population and relative to other countries have a certain gap, so the government is good for the development of the industrialization of good policy, scientific and technological level of our country since the supporting policies issued, tend to be mature, is slowly but surely moving forward.

The development of basic engineering construction need a large number of high-quality ballast, ballast is good or bad will directly affect the quality of construction engineering, so construction must be the best application, must pass inspection qualified after the national standard of the building sand can be put into use, the quality of the crusher differences can only affect the quality of the ballast.

As the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy and the deepening reform of enterprises, speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development and the construction of an innovative country, become the strategic direction for the development in our country. Affected by the global economic crisis and the domestic economy transformation, rely on the strength of science and technology, improve the ability of independent innovation, become the enterprise the current increasingly urgent important topic, also is the key of the crusher industry development.

Since the reform and opening up, China's crusher industry has experienced a long development road, industry demand for variety, equipment complex, large, widely applicable. In economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development, the rapid development in accordance with the national guidelines correct guidance, in order to realize product development from the generic type to independent innovation and change from extensive to the efficiency of economic operation.

Crusher industry is the important pillar of China's industrial manufacturing, the weakness of the big but not strong now hindered the development of the internationalization towards. Therefore, crusher enterprises to increase investment in science and technology research and development on the one hand, the optimize allocation of resources of science and technology, to ensure the funding needs of the enterprise independent innovation. On the other hand, to strengthen the construction of science and technology innovation talent team, establish enterprise internal innovation incentive mechanism, so as to promote the development of crusher industry strong.


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