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How to adapt to the traditional crusher industry in order to develop low carbon era

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co.,LTD.     Time:2017-07-31 Hits:

In recent years, low carbon environmental protection becomes a crusher industry development trend. One thing is popular and leads the development of the world, which must be the decisive factor of tide. For low carbon environmental protection development, it is determined by the development of the times.

In the past, because people don't realize the importance of environmental protection and economic development based on the environmental change, on the basis of private dig logging, waste gas, waste water, waste residue of emissions at random, for unlimited use of plants and animals, these actions make the earth not before all the damage to the natural environment, brought a devastating disaster to human beings: earth's average temperature increasing, the sea level rise, global climate anomalies, frequent droughts and floods, the food chain is destroyed, the sustainable development of human beings is a serious threat.

In order to change this situation, we have to implement low carbon environmental protection development, in order to reduce the happening of calamity. So, as a traditional industry of crusher industry, how to adapt to the development of low carbon era of the new situation?

1, improve the technical level in terms of crusher industry should adhere to the combination of independent development and the introduction of absorption. Compared with developed countries, China's crusher industry highly mature on the technology and equipment performance, lag behind the development of the way to make the enterprise in the production of high energy consumption and high pollution to the environment has caused a lot of pressure. In the current new situation of economic globalization, China's crusher industry will open field of vision, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and experience, development and production of high quality, environmental protection and broken equipment, at the same time also want to insist on independent development, the technical innovation initiative into his own hands, so as to realize new leap of the crusher industry in our country.

2, from the aspects of high-quality personnel training, crusher industry should adhere to the combination of academic and theoretical. From the current survey, crusher industry human resources shortage in our country, many production staff had no professional training of theories, just according to the traditional experience, this also is the important reason for the crusher industry development in our country lags behind. From the current situation, in order to achieve new development, crusher industry should pay attention to the cultivation of professional talents, realize the fusion of knowledge and production.

3, from the aspects of enhance the overall level of trade, the crusher industry should strengthen internal communication and cooperation. Under the environment of fierce competition, the enterprise exists between different levels of the phenomenon of the mutual confidentiality and blockade is justifiably, that is a kind of inevitable enterprise in its own development. But this kind of phenomenon of the whole industry technology level to get promoted restriction role as soon as possible. Therefore, in order to the development of the industry as a whole, should have more communication between crusher enterprise, some equipment level and high technical content of backward enterprises should assist and stimulate the development of technology companies, so as to realize the revitalization of the crusher industry in our country and powerful.

Low carbon era is a new era of social progress, crusher industry through the transformation of the mode of development, independent innovation and structural adjustment, sure in the near future can the crusher industry build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly industries, so as to realize the power of crusher dream.


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