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Impact crusher in the prominent advantages of crushing equipments

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-11-01 Hits:

Along with the application demand of the increasing and extensive application in building stone industry, in many broken equipment, material impact crusher is usually used to secondary fine crushing, and impact crusher compared with other crushing equipment,the overall structure and working principle is different,the difference of the jaw crusher and cone crusher extrusion,impact crusher adopts the impingement,the size and the shape of material more accord with standard of stone.

Impact crusher has marked characteristics:

1. Great breaking ratio

2. Product size is in the shape of a cube to improve the quality of concrete products

3. Selective crushing, the grade of the product, and won wide through the structure design can also be a narrow product grade.

4. The excellent performance of iron

5. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, small vibration, relatively low energy consumption

Compared with the hammer crusher, impact crusher has the following technical advantage:

1.Flexible discharging granularity, convenient adjustment and range:

Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity in a number of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the back plate and grinding cavity gap clearance adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, adopt hydraulic regulating system can easily through the on-site operation button or remote control system to complete the clearance adjustment And hammer crusher adjust the discharging granularity can only by changing the sieve plate at the bottom of the implementation.

2. Impact crusher and eat soft and hard materials

Impact crusher plate hammer adopts the mechanical clamping structure is due to the rotor firmly, when with the rotor rotation with a lot of moment of inertia. Relative to the hammer crusher (hammer head went into a state of suspension), impact crusher rotor has more momentum, and adapt to broken the harder material, are at the same time, low energy consumption.

3. Deal effectively with large moisture content of materials, prevent clogging

When the moisture content of material is too large, the impact crusher feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating device, to prevent the adhesive of the material. Impact crusher not equipped with the bottom sieve plate which can effectively prevent blocking phenomenon. And hammer crusher cannot adopt heating mode to prevent cement materials, and shall be equipped with the bottom of the screen plate, increasing the likelihood of congestion.

4. Wearing parts wear smaller than hammer crusher, high utilization rate of metal:

Impact crusher plate hammer wear only on one side of the material in greeting. When the rotor speed is normal, feed will fall to the surface of plate hammer, the board hammer and side are not worn on the back. Even this side to meet the material wear rarely. And at the bottom of the grinding rod is also easy to replace. Impact crusher plate hammer metal utilization can be as high as 45% 45%.

However the hammer crusher hammer hanging state, before and after wear occurred last, profile, relative to the plate hammer, hammer head more serious wear and tear, hammer metal utilization rate is only about 25%. Turn and daughter itself may be worn. Sieve plate at the bottom of the hammer crusher is influenced by the wear serious, barrier to all change, and change the work of sieve plate is more complex.

5.Spare parts replacement is simple, maintenance costs less:

Impact crusher rotor only install 6 plate hammer, replacing a board hammer just a flight time. Mill grinding bar at the bottom of the replacement also need only tens of minutes, greatly reduces the maintenance and maintenance time and costs. And hammer crusher hammer head up to more than 100, to replace a lot of time and effort for a set of hammer head, sieve plate at the bottom of the replacement is also very troublesome, overhaul and maintenance cost is higher.


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