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Introduction of Mobile Jaw Crusher

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-06-23 Hits:

Jaw Mobile Crusher Overview

Mobile jaw crusher crushing operations greatly expands the concept field. It is designed to the customer's position to eliminate fragmentation site, environmental barriers to customers as a primary crushing solutions, and provide customers with a cost-effective operation of the project hardware.


Mobile jaw crusher uses

Mobile jaw crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry, especially suitable for the flow of road, rail, water and electricity projects crushing operations, can be used for crushing various materials.


Applications jaw mobile crusher

   is widely used in mining, coal, garbage and construction waste recycling, earth works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations.

   processing topsoil and a variety of other materials; separation viscous coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industries; screening after crushing; quarrying industries.

   river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite), ore tailings, the artificial sand stone chips.

Mobile jaw crusher principle

Material through the feeder evenly transported to the crusher, crusher after the initial break through circular vibrating screens are closed system, to achieve recycling materials broken, finished material by the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations. Mobile jaw crusher according to the actual production of circular vibrating screen needs to be removed to realize the material directly preliminary crushing, convenience and other crushing equipment for use and flexible.


Mobile jaw crusher Features

    High performance mobile jaw crusher: PE series high performance crusher, integrated vehicle installation feeder, crusher, belt conveyor, steering traction axis, to facilitate road transport and venues in-depth, on-board installation support, equipment and efficient space station convenience.

1Integration unit equipment installation form (1) the integration of the entire unit, eliminating the sub-assembly of the complex field infrastructure installation operations, reduced material consumption hours. Reasonably compact unit space layout, improve the flexibility of field presence.

(2) flexibility flexible jaw mobile crusher site car high, the body is less than the width of trailer operation, small turning radius, ease of ordinary road traffic, easier to travel in broken field area rugged poor road conditions. Entered the site for the quick save time. Stationed in the area is more conducive to a reasonable construction, the whole crushing process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.

(3) reduce material handling costs, jaw mobile crusher, the material can be broken the first line of the field, eliminating the material is transported from the scene in the middle of another broken link, greatly reducing the cost of shipping materials. Further more extended set the crushed material directly into the transport wagon bucket, turn away from the scene.

(4) the role of direct and effective operation, the integration of mobile jaw crushing plant, can be used independently, also can target customer process material type, product requirements, provide a more flexible process configuration to meet user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, the resulting organization, logistics and transport more direct and effective, to reduce costs to maximize.

(5) adaptable and flexible configuration jaw mobile crusher for crushing, fine crushing and screening system, a stand-alone group of independent operations, but also the flexibility to set up the system configuration of the joint operation. Discharge hopper side out to provide a way of screening material handling variety of configuration flexibility, integration unit configuration in addition to diesel generators to power this unit, you can also configure the workflow system targeted to the joint power unit.


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