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The layout of the construction machinery industry should take the market as the guidance

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-09-01 Hits:

The construction machinery industry is the main force of industrial development in our country, its construction in our country's economy and play an important role in the process of industrialization. Engineering machinery main effect on the construction of infrastructure, in highway, railway, building, as well as resources exploitation and utilization, etc, play an important role, and almost all aspects of industry construction of workers and peasants need the support of engineering machinery, therefore the development of construction machinery of our country has important role in the process of economic construction, should make corresponding to its industry development planning and guidance, make its development more scale. 

    According to the current situation of economic development in China, in the first-tier cities are not suitable for the layout of the construction machinery industry, subject to the current situation of the development of urban and industrial structure, the layout of the construction machinery industry should be referred to the second - and third-tier cities layout, and should be guided by the potential of urban development as the main, realizes the construction machinery industry forward-looking layout: second in terms of market demand, construction machinery industry should be referred to the weak places into infrastructure construction, and strive to occupy the potential market and on the choice of the layout of the industry should be and development status quo and the future development of the region, the combination of construction machinery industry more belong to heavy industry, where heavy industry good development foundation can realize enterprise on cost reduction Finally should be fixed point layout form of development, such as different areas in our country, some parts of the Midwest to achieve targeted layout, enables the development of the industry to meet the needs of the layout area, thus making the development of mechanical industry showed a trend of collectivization development, for our country economic development play a bigger role in the future. 

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