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The matters of attention in the crusher dust removal operations

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-11-02 Hits:

Crushing work due to the material delivery and equipment operation, a large number of small particles can diffuse in the surrounding space, to the operating personnel and equipment damage. On the dust gas must implement the gas-solid two phase separation, to purify the air dust removal is mainly according to the characteristics of dust particles, such as size, density, concentration, adhesive, hygroscopicity and static characteristics, application, inertial forces of gravity, centrifugal force, washing, filtering, and the electric all kinds of ways, such as in the corresponding equipment is complete.

1. Gravity dust can handle more than 100 um coarse particle, used for pretreatment of coarse dust removal and other fine dust. Operation mode is the dust gas import volume of gravity settler, reduce the gas flow rate, using gravity causes the particles to produce subsidence and gas separation.

2. Inertial dust removal can be used for more than 5 um particles and gas separation. Dust gas flow in the directional impact damper on inertial filter, particle was arrested because of inertia effect sets, in order to prevent the impact of flying, cannot adopt high velocity.

3. Centrifugal dust removal by using gas generated when the rotary motion of hundreds or thousands of times larger than particles by the gravity of the centrifugal force, the settlement of week of solid particles along the wall, the equipment used for the cyclone dust collector, usually inlet velocity in 10 ~ 20 m/S, can capture the smallest particle diameter of 5 um or smaller.

4. Contact washing dusting make gas and spray water to capture the solid particles. Commonly used spray dusting tower from the lower import gas from upper spray mist, water backwashing. Venturi washing pipe of dust removal effect is better.

5. Electric dust in the gas solid particles carry electric charge, so as to be attracted to take the opposite charge on the electrode to achieve the goal of dust removal. Electrostatic precipitators in metal discharge interelectrode of tens of thousands of volts dc voltage, cause gas ionization, between the poles, negative ionized gas and solid particles collision, make solid particles and negatively charged, attracted to the positive, neutral charge after settling down. The method is suitable for the requirements of high fine dust. Dust concentration of but not too high, gas flow rate cannot be too fast.

6. Should not only is advantageous to the filter material and the service life of pulse valve, and consider the ash hopper dust in the dust, in order to improve the comprehensive dust removal effect of crusher and belt conveyor, the broken dry material, can use at the entrance of crusher material appropriate to drench water (in the crusher after 10 ~ 20 min).

7. Dust removal equipment management, regularly check the dust hood airtight condition, handle in time when problems found. For post environment and bag filter dust emissions targets management assessment, dust monitoring on a regular basis, using economic leverage to mobilize post staff's work enthusiasm, improve the level of dust removal equipment maintenance, to minimize dust pollution.

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