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The application and selection method of the pebbles crusher

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Pebbles as a kind of natural stone, one of the most common ore, its shape Eluan like the name. Often come from the river in the mountains. The pebbles are generally mined and need to be processed and then used. How to break the pebbles? How to make sand? This is a lot of people's doubts, pebbles broken need to break machine, so as to more convenient processing.

Pebbles are rich in resources, mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin, the the Yellow River Basin, as there is near the lake. Because before is the extensive use of river sand and natural sand for building houses, over exploitation of the depletion of the resources of our country, people have to consider using pebbles to sand, pebbles and sand is one of the biggest advantage is that the pebbles to easily crush, sand molding, high strength, various performance can replace natural sand.

The pebbles are often small, but small pebbles are used, and they are to be used. So you need to break the pebbles. Many devices can be broken pebbles, the main jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, can be used as a pebble crusher. It can be said that the type of equipment, according to customer specific needs to buy equipment.

The main method is the selection of the pebble crusher:

1 According to the output to determine the type of crusher, in particular, according to the production to set the pebbles.

2 According to the size of the material to the selection, sand production process requires two processes: rough and fine broken, so that the emergence of the first grade and two broken.

3 According to the pebbles hardness to select equipment, different regions of the pebbles of different hardness, so you need to choose the crushing strength of the pebbles crusher.

Pebbles most common processing equipment is the pebble crusher, the after crushing processing is not only used for ceramics, precision casting, papermaking, jet mill, chemical industry, monocrystalline silicon, national defense, provide raw and auxiliary materials, also provided the high quality materials for the construction of water purification, sewage treatment, electricity, gardens, water conservancy projects, housing construction, roads, railways and other projects.

As is known to all, the construction of the building materials is the essential material of sand and gravel aggregate, the quality of sand and gravel aggregate has a certain effect on the quality of the project. The general construction used are natural sand sand sand river. Along with the increase of domestic and international project, the continuous exploitation of river, and the continuous reduction of natural sand and stone used in construction projects, can not meet the basic needs of the construction of sand and gravel aggregate. Therefore, artificial sand in the proportion of construction projects continue to increase. Due to the pebble crusher without blasting, can also clean up the river, to prevent the river blocking. Therefore, pebbles and sand have economic benefits and environmental benefits, was identified as the artificial sand processing mainly suitable raw materials.

With the continuous development of the domestic economy, the need for large production of pebbles crusher is also in constant demand, the domestic active introduction of advanced stone crushing production line equipment

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