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China crusher industry development condition

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-07-05 Hits:

In 2016, with the rapid development of China's economy, the crusher equipment in the field of mining machinery equipment, obtained a rapid development period, have sprung up in Shanghai place in Shanghai machinery and so on a large number of high-quality machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises Including jaw crusher, hammer crusher, mining vibrating screen and other equipment for industrial development has made a great contribution.

Crusher industry inChina, relying on independent innovation of science and technology, the broken machinery center of gravity of the revitalization of development in the future should still be on the basic technology and basic components. Shanghai place in Shanghai machinery through the in-depth study of crusher industry and years of experience in research and development production, thinks crusher industry in 2017, still have three major advantages to help its development.

First, complete crusher equipment upgrading. According to the investigation and analysis, the traditional small crusher's life is only three to five years, every year, domestic demand for replacement of crusher about crusher 20% of the total, even so there are many domestic jaw broken machine in overage, domestic crusher overall aging, large-scale renewal is only a matter of time.

Second, the western development caused a lot of demand for crusher. Based measures measures follow national inheritance to expand domestic demand, increase the pace of construction, especially the development of the western region for the need of infrastructure, this has led to the vigorous development of crusher industry, because it is the source of all raw materials, no crusher is that yield strength how dare not ready for.

Third, upgrading of crusher. Developed countries use technology, in order to maintain national or regional overall safety and security reasons such as human or animal and plant safety and environment protection, increasing technical regulations, scale, certification, patent, technology progress, market threshold, to a large number of export products to build commercial barriers in China. So crushing machinery in the future to promote the development should focus on the basic technology and basic components, progress of autonomous development level.

The overall scale ofChina's counterattack crusher manufacturer has entered the international producing countries, but the overall competition and development are still unable to compete with the developed countries. Crusher isChinain 2017 high speed development, the industry's large-scale renewal, shorten the gap with the developed country is critical for a year.



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