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High iron quickly pulls the development of crusher industry

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-08-31 Hits:

High-speed rail is not only the high speed rail, to some extent; it also ACTS as The Times change, and the rise of China or the balance of power between the east and the west of the metaphor. High-speed rail is a greater focus on the pull on the economy, in addition to the sheer scale of high-speed railway investment itself is part of China's investment drive economic growth plan, its pull of regional economy also gave people more imagination space. 

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy, our country all the infrastructure is also obtained the development which progresses by leaps and bounds. Among them the rapid development of high-speed railway is the symbol of the rapid economic development of our country is not 2. High speed railway is an important direction of future development in China railway, in recent years high speed railway construction is bound to in very important position. In response to financial crisis, the government's two trillion investment to revive railway construction. Relative to the highway construction, railway construction investment scale, construction cycle is long, wide range, can more effectively promote building materials, construction machinery and other markets. High-speed rail construction involves unusually broad, engineering machinery products are machinery, lifting equipment, crushing machine, sand making machine, concrete machinery, etc. These products, is spoken by the largest number of conditions machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders, crusher, sand making machine, etc will play a role in the construction of high-speed rail. 

Both highway and high speed railway construction is not depart from a large number of ballast and concrete aggregate, and in accordance with the issued new operational indicators, and the grain of sand and gravel aggregate for new concrete type, grading more higher requirements are put forward, may say that is entirely carried out in accordance with the international standard. 

High-speed railway is an important direction of future development in China railway, the railway is also a driving force for the development of the national economy, we can see from the annual Spring Festival, it is also stimulating domestic demand to promote growth of the locomotive. High-speed railway construction includes China's high-tech technology and top rail technology in the world. Sand and gravel aggregate of concrete in the construction of high-speed railway grain shape, gradation bring up a high requirements, especially the needle flake content in the basalt, previous simple cone back or breaking process can not meet the requirements. 

Sand and gravel equipment is one of the most commonly used composite crusher. Widely used in high speed railway construction. The arrival of the peak in the face of China's high-speed railway construction, compound crusher market demand should be particularly strong. 

Compound crusher hopes to borrow dongfeng to a higher level of the construction of the railway, compound crusher is affected by railway, highway, Bridges one of the most remarkable products. Especially in railway construction, the use of pile driving product construction of the railway in the air, need a lot of application and the concrete aggregate, this must need high performance composite crusher. 

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