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How to make the crusher to best

Source:Shanghai Longyang Mining Machinery Co., LTD.     Time:2017-10-12 Hits:

Crusher work, hard to avoid can appear all kinds of situation, how to more effective reasonable operation of the crusher? Here is a place in Shanghai in Shanghai machinery factory listed according to the usage of crusher in the matters needing attention in the process of use.

First, the rational use of crusher

Crusher hydraulic electric interlocking system shall not be removed under any circumstances.

Machine, the breaker may be standing within the surface of revolution.

Any personnel shall not during the process of operation by hand to get into the machines of lump ore or other things.

Crusher feed specifications shall not be more than 0.85 times of feeding mouth size.

Crusher must no-load starting.

The use of reasonable collocation crusher, make appropriate to the type of crusher and ore.

Second, the preparation before operation and inspection

Broken stone machine must first check whether all lubricating points before starting to normal, plugging, oil leakage.

Dry pump operating handles all lubricating points come on.

Check each instrument are in good condition.

Adjust good row ore mouth.

Look for ore crushing cavity or other than broken material.

V belt and locking spring elastic moderation.

Check appliances chain device, light, and the complete protection facilities are normal.

Check the connection bolts can not have loose phenomenon.

Third, starting operation method

First start vacuuming system.

After receiving lower process flow signal, no-load starting crusher.

Crusher operating normally, and then start the feeder to feed.

Fourth, parking operation and emergency stop processing

Parking must stay ore crusher rear can stop all ruled out.

When parking should be stop feeding system (i.e., feeder).

Stop 5 minutes rear can stop the vacuum cleaner and the water supply system.

In the following situations should be emergency stop: (1) the main bearing or shaft rapid temperature over 80 ℃, the surface phenomenon is the back of hand touch the bearing can't last a second. (2) before or after the thrust plate fracture. (3) the belt loose bolts or other transmission parts fracture may fly out of hurt. (4) motor smoke chamber.

Fifth, the monitoring of operation

Ministries to oil (fat) remain normal.

Bearing temperature is less than 60 ℃.

All the electrical instrumentation not abnormal changes.

The ministries no abnormal sound, no more than fall into broken hard objects.

Above these are the most common and most basic crusher use common sense, please make sure that the user is in use in the process of operation according to this method.



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